CKDCF helps make Christmas for RVI children’s cancer wards


The CKDCF donated 200 chocolate selection boxes, along with £1,000-worth of equipment, to the Royal Victoria Infirmary’s Children’s Cancer Wards (4 and 14).  The CKDCF made their annual donation of 200 selection boxes, which were given to children attending the RVI children’s cancer wards’ Christmas party.  The majority of the boxes were…

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Fundraising Success: October Fundraising Weekend 2016

14753207_10211067405140158_5800241171675740452_o square

A massive thank-you goes to everyone who attended this year’s CKDCF Fundraising Weekend, and to all of those who sponsored our fundraisers; you all made this year one of the best ones to date! Photos courtesy of Mark Andrews and Mark Wardle Friday 21st October saw the beginning of the…

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Making a song & dance about it: CKDCF donates in memory of John


The CKDCF has donated £1,100 worth of equipment to the Mayfield Special School, Whitehaven, in memory of a late supporter of ours.  The donation made to Mayfield School, in honour of John Lynn, will assist the children and young adults in expressing themselves through the arts. Francis Dunnery and his family,…

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CKDCF Keeps Kids Busy During Long Summer Holidays


The CKDCF have donated £1,000 to the Greenbank Community Association for their 2016 Summer Play Scheme. The play scheme, which caters for between 60 and 80 local children, will be held during the school summer break. The scheme is targeted at children from in and around the Greenbank area of Whitehaven; it contributes…

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The show must go on: CKDCF funds Youth Theatre


As part of an ongoing annual funding programme, the CKDCF have donated £1,000 to the Rosehill Youth Theatre, Whitehaven. Rosehill Youth Theatre is a volunteer-run amateur dramatic group for children and young adults, staging their own productions of well-known musicals in Whitehaven’s Solway Hall.  The group currently has around 80…

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CKDCF makes contribution to Lily’s eye-gaze machine


The CKDCF have donated £1,000, through the West Cumbria Society for the Blind, to the campaign to purchase an ‘eye-gaze’ machine for Lily Tyson. Eight-year-old Lily suffers from Rett syndrome which affects her ability to communicate.  Her family are running an ongoing campaign to raise a total of £12,000 for…

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Blind Society receives a boost from CKDCF for support worker


The CKDCF have made a charitable donation to the West Cumbria Society for the Blind to fund a support worker for children and young adults. The West Cumbria Society for the Blind will use the CKDCF’s donation of £3,000 to fund a support worker for children and young people in…

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Egremont 2Day donates £1,500 to the CKDCF from its surpluses

Egremont 2Day

The Egremont 2Day (a non-profit local newspaper) have donated £1,500 from their surpluses to the Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund. The Egremont 2Day was founded originally as ‘The Egremont Today’ in 1990 by the late Peter Watson. The paper has made a number of charitable donations to local organisations from this…

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CKDCF Brings Christmas Cheer to the RVI Once Again


Once again, the CKDCF has helped to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer to the children of the Royal Victoria Infirmary’s Children’s Cancer Wards (4 & 14).  This year, the CKDCF has donated £1,000 worth of entertainment equipment to the RVI Children’s Cancer Wards in Newcastle, England. The equipment,…

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Fundraising Success: CKDCF October Weekend 2015

CKDCF Fundraising 'Family'

We would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s CKDCF Fundraising Weekend; you all contributed to making it the best one yet, with an estimated £25,000 being raised! The weekend began with a delicious buffet meal at the Seacote Hotel, St. Bees, on Friday evening. The meal was followed…

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