Fundraising Programme


The Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children’s Fund has started a new fundraising programme to spotlight our incredible supporters! Many of you have climbed mountains, run races and completed your own sponsored walks to help raise money for the CKDCF.¬†With our new CKDCF Spotlight programme, we will track your fundraising efforts and help you maximize your efforts with new innovative fundraising strategies.

The CKDCF is officially registered with ‘Just Giving’, which means you now have the tools to create your own personalized fundraising campaign to raise money for the CKDCF. With this great service, you can easily reach out to your friends and family for support, as well as track donations made on your behalf. Just Giving provides easy set-up instructions to get you started on your fundraising mission! Get started now by clicking on the button below!


Helpful Just Giving Fundraising Tips:

1. Set a target fundraising goal. This gives you and your supporters something to work towards.
2. Create a personal message about your fundraising experience. The more pictures, videos and blogs you write, the more people will want to be apart of your cause.
3. Make sure to personalize your thank you message.
3. Don’t be shy! You are doing a great thing for a great charity! Let people know about your efforts.
4. Get your friends and family involved. Inspire the wonderful gift of giving!

If you are thinking about starting your own CKDCF fundraising campaign, we would like to feature your efforts on the CKDCF ‘Current Fundraisers’ and ‘Latest News’ sections of our website. Please contact us for more information!

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